7 Benefits of Babywearing for a Healthier and More Gentle Life With Baby

You might already have reasons for wanting to carry your baby, but are still missing one last ''push'' to get you started? In this article we'll be explaining its benefits! Are you ready? They are many: babywearing has an undeniable impact on a baby's health, development and its personal fulfillment along with yours!


A quiet moment for a good start in life

1. Babywearing eases the transition toward life outside of mommy's belly

Carrying your baby against you is first and foremost bringing him your presence in the most tangible way possible through contact with your body. Being so close together will allow him to perceive your hearbeat, which was the most important auditory element of his life before birth. The motion caused by your movements and gestures while babywearing also adds to the familiar sound of your heart to create a familiar environment. The sound of your heart and the sway of your paces and motions make for a gentler transition to life after birth through recognizable elements from his life before leaving his mother's belly. It's a given that a reassured baby is calmer, less stressed, and therefore cries less often. Being comforted and calmed down more rapidly, he will grow up to become a generally less anxious and, in the long run, much more confident in life.



Tranquille et au chaud sur maman

2. It regulates baby's body temperature


A sharing of body heat will occur thanks to the physical proximity that comes with babywearing. To an adult, maintaining one's body temperature is almost effortless, whereas for newborns and babies born prematurely, thermoregulation comes at a great expense of energy and sharing your warmth with him is very helpful.  Premature babies helped in such a way have greater chances of survival, and newborns gain weight more rapidly thanks to skin-to-skin, a technique related to babywearing, because fewer calories are dedicated to maintaining a proper body temperature. Did you know that babywearing in a baby wrap or a Snüg is an ideal way to be skin-to-skin with a newborn baby?



Le portage pour la santé

3. It facilitates baby's healthy development

While babywearing, the baby is constantly kept in a vertical position, which makes the risk of flat head syndrome much lower since if the baby is carried regularly, he spends much less time lying down. This position will also help the development of his spine and his neck muscles due to being in a position where it's much easier for him to move. A proper carrying position hip dysplasia and dislocation while promoting the healthy development of the hips themselves. Another, lesser-known effect of the vertical position is its benefit to digestion by easing the release of gases from the digestive system.



Découvrir son environnement avec papa

4. It's stimulation for his sensesBaby discovers the world!

The sensory stimulation brought on by babywearing is significant. We've already talked about the sensations created by the carrier's body, but as he grows, baby will develop an interest in what you do during the day! From the music in the store you enter to the smell of your cooking, your day-to-day will bring him a thousand discoveries that will enrich the time he spends with you. All this time spent with you comes with another bonus: his language acquisition will start as he becomes aware of the words you use.




La collation avec bébé!

5. Strenghten your bond through your interactions with your baby!

Spending this much time together will alter your experience of your day. While carrying your baby, you will perceive more rapidly your baby's needs and will be able to tend to them swiftly, which will give him a greater ssense of security and will keep him calmer. Yes, babywearing is a solution to consider when soothing a crying baby! Also, having your baby leaning against you will make you want to interact with him more often by talking to him and showing him things that could spark his curiosity. Beyond the intellectual enrichment of these experiences, your relationship will be fortified by these exchanges and your bond to your baby will come out strengthened by them.


Une sortie impossible en poussette

6. Babywearing will allow you to stay autonomous as a parent!

On your side of things, babywearing will instantly benefit you by giving you the freedom to move and walk about. That can really change your day! Leaving the house with a baby carrier rather than a stroller makes it easier to access cluttered locations and places without elevators. Tasks that require both of your hands can still be done even when your baby needs your arms! This restored freedom of movement goes as far as allowing you to do easy sports while babywearing. A wonderful way of sharing fresh air and sunlight with your baby!



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7. Babywearing for a thriving baby... and thriving parent!

Ultimately, you will be having better days simply because your baby will also be having wonderful days in your company. A baby with his need for parents' attention fulfilled is much calmer, and because he'll cry less often, you will feel less stressed yourself. You'll be able to be your best version of yourself: calm, present, attentive to your baby's needs and ready to share life with your bundle of joy.




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