Chimparöo at the heart of the benefits of babywearing

Christine Duhaime

Created by a mother of 4

Christine tells you Chimpäroo's whole story!

Chimpäroo are THE experts with a team that has :

  • Academic knowledge in ergonomics, health and development of babies;
  • Knowledge gained with research, development and experience in our many community involvement;
  • Direct experience in babywearing practice for over 15 years;
  • Experience in educating the public, health professionals and stakeholders in the perinatal setting;
  • Links with babywearing support organizations.
Expérience direct de la pratique de portage depuis plus de 15 ans

Did you know?

Baby-carrying answers the need for physiological proximity and emotional safety within every baby. Chimparöo was born out of our great passion for eveything perinatal. The benefits of baby-carrying are numerous for the baby and his carrier.

Did you know?


Chimpäroo is moving forward with a complete range of safe, ergonomic and versatile baby carriers approved by health and child development professionals.