4 tips for babywearing your twins!

Carrying a baby can seem simple at first glance, but what is it like when it comes to carrying twins?

Most of the time, we’ll think of running to the store looking for a double stroller, but they take up an inordinate amount of space… but what if there was another way to carry two babies?

After nine months spent in their mother’s belly, babies need intimate contact with their parents. Babywearing is the most suitable solution to this! This practice provides babies with a sense of security and allows their parents to free their hands.

This is how new parents come to choose babywearing to be able to go on with their usual activities. Parents of twin babies tend to believe this isn’t possible for them but there are, in fact, solutions: Mom and Dad can each carry one baby, or… a single parent can carry both! Carrying two babies at once is possible! But before you get started, here are a few things to know to ensure your little ones’ wellbeing (and your own).

1. Get two baby wraps or baby carriers:

The Multi 2.0 baby carrier

You should first familiarize yourself with babywearing by carrying a single baby at a time. This will give you the experience to master the fundamentals of babywearing and both babies will be able to acquire more stability. From thereon, you’ll be able to carry your twins together, each in their own wrap. For safety reasons, babywearing both babies in a single wrap is not advised. For newborns under a month old, there are techniques such as the cross-carry that allow both babies to be carried in the same wrap, but this technique needs to be executed with extreme vigilance. It will allow a parent to practice prolonged skin-to-skin, perform small manual tasks and short hands-free movements.

If you are carrying babies over one month old simultaneously, you must use two baby wraps or carriers. You should also know that there are several possible combinations of products. You can combine two baby wraps, two Ring Slings, two Mei Tai carriers, one sling and one Mei Tai, two structured wraps, one wrap and one structured, etc. 

There are several possible combinations for double babywearing: each child on one hip in a wrap each, one on the back and the other on the stomach each in separate wraps, for example. 

In photo: The Multi 2.0 baby carrier.

2. Take some precautions during installation

Une famille avec ses jumeaux

Make sure that you are in a safe environment to set up your twins in their baby carrier(s). Choose a space big enough to accommodate both since you’ll be putting them in one at a time.

Start with the heaviest baby. This will help you distribute the weight in the fabric. Since the second baby is often the hardest to put in the carrier, you’ll be manipulating the lightest of the two to make adjustments.

Should you choose to carry one baby in the front and the other in the back, the heaviest should be placed in the back. This will also be the first one to be installed in their carrier.

In photo: A family with their twins. Royalty free photo.

3. Be aware of your position when wearing:

Once the first baby is set, keep your attention on their posture. Avoid bending forward to pick up the second baby. You should lower yourself down by bending your knees while keeping your torso straight.

4. The Ring Sling, a good alternative for beginners:

A mom carrying her daughter in her Ring Sling

If you prefer simplicity and want to start carrying before the age of 6 months, the ring sling adjustable baby wrap is your ideal choice. With one sling on each shoulder, you’ll be carrying one baby on each hip. With ring slings, no tying is necessary. You’ll only need a little help adjusting the depth of the seating without having to untie everything and start over. You’ll also be able to breastfeed both babies at once. Since back carries aren’t recommended before the age of 6 months and putting two babies in the same cross-carry is quite limiting, this is a much safer way to get started.

In photo: A mom carrying her daughter in her Ring Sling.  

That’s it! You’re now unbeatable on double carry techniques! Many tandem carry techniques are available to you, but keep in mind that safety and comfort come first: for the best possible babywearing experience, your babies need to be properly positioned. After all, babywearing should be an enjoyable moment!


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