5 Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

Finding THE ideal gift for a baby shower is no small task! People often don’t really know what the parents will need and worry about buying something useless… Chimpäroo is here to give you a few pointers to help you find a gift for parents about to welcome a new baby in style!

 1- A class to learn baby wrap knots

A mother at a Chimpäroo babywearing workshop

Immaterial gifts sometimes have more value than they seem! Babywearing brings many benefits to a baby’s physical maturation and general development. It allows a baby to smoothly adapt to his new environment and helps stabilize his vital functions and temperature. There’s no better way to get started as a new parent than to take a babywearing class to learn to correctly use a baby wrap! We offer babywearing classes with our founder Christine Duhaime. Feel free to contact us to learn more about them.

Photo: A mother at a Chimpäroo babywearing workshop.

2- A baby wrap or baby carrier suitable to newborns

A mother carrying her baby with the Chimparoo superior woven baby wrap.

To complement the babywearing class, the ideal choice is a baby wrap! Many types of wraps are suitable for newborns, like the Snüg and the Ring Sling for example, but all of Chimpäroo’s wraps are suitable for newborns.

Although baby wraps and baby carriers are equally beneficial for babies, some parents find baby carriers more practical than wraps. If you’d like something quick to set up and versatile, the EvoAir could make an awesome gift.

Choosing between a wrap or carrier is a very personal decision. If you feel too indecisive about which one to get, there’s always the option of a gift card!

PhotoA mother carrying her baby with the Chimparoo superior woven baby wrap.

3- An activity mat

Activity mats provide stimulation to the baby’s senses, especially if you choose one with many features. The baby can keep himself busy developing his visual perception and exploring through touching and grabbing and holding on to elements of the mat. As a parent, it’s fascinating to watch a baby explore textures and colors. An activity mat is a fun learning environment that’ll delight even the parents!

4- A diaper bag

A diaper bag is a popular essential for parents, as there’s always tons of stuff to bring along! The diaper bag allows parents to have on hand everything they need to take care of their baby.

5- A blankie or plushie

Never without my plush toy!

All babies need a source of comfort. By holding on to his blankie, the baby prolongs the sense of security he gets from the presence of his parents. It’s an absolute must for the baby from his birth and onward. Everyone can always make do with one more plush toy.

Photo: Never without my plush toy!

We hope these suggestions have provided you with helpful inspiration for a gift to the soon-to-be moms but also the future dads in your life. Fathers are getting more involved and want to join in on the preparation for their baby’s arrival. During the baby shower, don’t hesitate to give as much attention to the father as to the mother. It’ll certainly warm his heart.

Good luck with your gift hunting!


You’ll find interesting resources on our YouTube channel and our FAQ page to sharpen up your babywearing skills. If you have questions or want to submit a topic, contact us here.