6 Babywearing Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is coming soon! For the occasion, we’ve surfed the net in search of babywearing costumes ideas. Of everything we’ve seen, here are our favorite finds.

1. Mommy and baby as kangaroos

Déguisement : Maman et bébé kangourous

This one’s super simple to make! A pair of ears for each of you and a brown baby wrap to dress you both, with the baby wrap making the kangaroo’s pocket.

Here’s one version we found on Yahoo Life.

2. Kids grow up like weeds!

Déguisement : Fleur

Here’s an original idea to make a great impression on Halloween! Your baby will have a cozy day with you as your favorite sprout! This ingenious creation comes from @carrymeaway.

3. Movie night

Déguisement Soirée cinéma

A popcorn baby that’s cute enough to eat! This comes to us via Nina’s Pinterest page.

4. President Baby

Costume: President BabySecure the premises, the President Baby is here! Have you ever daydreamed of adventures as a secret agent? This costume’s perfect! This photo comes from GuideAstuces.com.

5. Off to adventure with daddy!

Déguismeent : Partir à l’aventure avec papa!

Put on your aviator glasses and open your sail! Are you ready for takeoff? Congratulations to @committedmoms.

6. Did you say cosplay?

Déguisement : Vous avez dit cosplay?

For the more ambitious among us, here’s the amazing MechDaddy created in 2014 by Ryan Bowen with a clever combination of pvc pipes, cardboard and foam core. You can see the costume in action here. This costume was made viral when it was submitted to the Costume-works.com 2014 Halloween Contest!

We hope these examples have gotten your creative juices flowing for making or finding the perfect costume to spend Halloween with your baby. If you have pictures of you and your baby you’d like to share with us, don’t hesitate to send them our way through email or Messenger! We’ll gladly share them with the rest of our community through our socials.


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