Andréane Loubier, Doula and Babywearing Instructor

It's time for introductions!

As a newly added collaborator and teammate at Chimpäroo, it's with great pride and a little restlessness that I'm presenting myself to you today.

Why am I introducing myself? Because personnally, when reading, I find it more interesting and agreable when I know who's on the other side of the screen and who I'm writing back to. Also, since I'll sometimes be the one answering to you in private when you have questions or need support.

Finally, beacause Chimpäroo is so much more than a business that makes baby carriers and baby wraps! It's a team and a president who care deeply about offering you a personnalized, high-quality service, and that's someting I'd like you to see and feel it more through our social media presence. I want you to see this awesome Québec business the way I have for what is now several years.

So here I am!

Andréane Loubier, accompagnante à la naissance et monitrice de portage

My name is Andréane Loubier, I am the mother of 3 wonderful boys, a doula since 2013 and a certified babywearing instructor since 2016. I'm convinced I'll be having a lot fun chatting with you throughout the weeks over Facebook and Instagram, the main platforms where I'll be sharing my thoughts with you on babywearing, of course, but also on other subjects around perinatality.

Chimpäroo came into my life in 2016 following my training as a babywearing instructor. It started with a baby wrap, purchased in a rush to put in practice what I had just learned. The result : An instant crush! A quality product, price-wise accessible, and made in Québec, three oh-so-important criteria for me... and certainly for many more people too!

I then discovered Chimpäroo's other products and again, one after the next, I fell more and more in love! Just 1 month after my training as an instructor, I was making my first official order to show these products to the future parents I was meeting through my workshops.


Me and Ludo in our Bambino

During that time, even if my son was already 4 years old at that point, I started having fun carrying my little featherweight on occasion.

I've practiced so many ties and carries with him! Probably more than with my babywearing doll!

Also, to me, having two more kids has been two more golden opportunities to experience the benefits and the happiness of babywearing. I was so eager to carry a newborn in my day-to-day!




Gustave in my Gingko Lune baby wrap

Today, with hindsight, I believe that babywearing was more than just handy (it still is!), but has probably saved me.

My two younger boys both had to deal with health issues at birth, and in my youngest's case it lasted for months.

These two periods brought on a ton of challenges. They caused an intense fatigue (I would even say a level of fatigue I didn't think was possible!) and I don't know what I would have done without my baby wrap!


Even today, with my almost 2 years old, I regularly use my baby wrap, my Bambino and my Multi 2.0. Of course, I also share my babywearing fun with my partner!


La famille en Multi 2.0


All in all, it's a treat for me to be able to represent a brand that's been in my life throughout the best... and not so great moments of my parenthood.
I'm looking forward to spend time with you all!