Chimpäroo, Proudly Made in Québec

                  Porte-bébé et écharpe de Portage fait au Québec

Let's proudly celebrate Quebecer entrepreneurship!

Québec, our province, is a beautiful and singular nation. Indeed, what are we, if not a francophone island on the North-American continent? Our historyDans les faits, notre histoire des fois tragique mais si encourageante a fortifié notre caractère, notre sentiment d’appartenance duquel découle cette responsabilité que nous avons tous sur le bon devenir de notre identité. C’est sûr que la culture est indissociable de notre histoire, et d’ailleurs le consensus fait partie de notre identité, une identité singulière et inclusive. Nous sommes reconnaissants à ce bel environnement qui suscite tant d’admiration à l’international. C’est chacun de nous qui participe à faire d’ici un endroit aussi attractif et viable pour tous.

Our business' success rests on a win-win partnership with the local clientele.

It's fundamental to underline that in the face of increased competition coming from markets where production costs pennies on the dollar in comparison to what can be achieved locally can make local production seem less competitive. But it requires strenght of character to believe in the crazy dream of being a business owner who employs workers that she pays enough for them to live on a proper wage.

We made that bet and we win it every day thanks to the renewed trust of our customers. This explains our desire to ceaselessly improve and offer better value. Fads change faster than 5G communications move, and we must renew ourselves.

A legitimate answer in favor of of local production is: to reduce our margin to safeguard the social fabric.

When Christine Duhaime, founder of Chimpäroo, was asked why, despite difficulties, she wouldn't import pieces to have them assembled here to be able to label them ''Made in Québec'', her answer was that '' the objective is to create happiness here, and a local wealth and expertise here. The creation of products that families love and which help them on a daily basis, all the while creating gratifying jobs for the people who make them in our community is much more important than to maximize profits. Chimpäroo is a business with strong social values and it's important to defend them.''

Finally, sociologist Edgar Morin says that : ''the individual is in a society and the society is inscribed, in a way, in the individual.'' Chimpäroo's success comes from the pride felt by every employee in the creation of a quality, eco-friendly œuvre branded ''Made in Québec''.

Chimpäroo is a Quebecer brand of baby carriers designed and made in by hand in Québec.