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The Babygloo is designed to protect the baby from the cold and make it easier to go out in winter with baby. It is very practical to go outside without having to put on and take off a big snow suit. It's ideal for trips from outside to inside while keeping baby in the carrier. The Babygloo cover is easy to remove and put back on. It attaches to the straps of any baby carrier that attaches to both shoulders. It also has a tightening strap in the back to close the sides and limit the entry of cold air. It envelops the body of the baby and the carrier and insulates the heat inside.

The cover can be used in any season when it is a little too cool and depending on the baby's clothing. Generally, it is not necessary to dress the baby too warmly. Even in very cold weather, the body-to-body warmth helps protect the baby. In winter, the feet and legs, hands, neck and head should be well covered, even in the cover. It is not necessary to put a coat on him.

Can be used on a baby carrier, a stroller, a car seat, a sled.



  • From birth to 3 years old.
  • Adjustable to the size of the baby and his carrier.
  • Keeps the baby warm during outings in a baby carrier(-20°C).
  • Can be used when carrying in the front or back.
  • Removable hood for front carrying.
  • Lined with a high-performance eco-friendly fiber.
  • Wind and water resistant.

Models compatible with the Babygloo

  • EvöAir
  • EvöLin
  • Trek
  • Trek Air-O
  • MeiTai
  • Multi 2.0
  • PöpNgo
  • Bämbino
  • Bämbino Air

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